Your heart may be feeling sad and blue but a broken heart can find healing peace through forgiving and loving.   So, begin today and start by forgiving and loving yourself.


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Sharing thoughts...
All too often as mothers we deal with a sense of loss, regret or tragic circumstances which can literally consume the rest of our lives.  When this happens it can also be like ripping away the value of the time we spent as mothers.  We finally come to realize that we must make peace with ourselves and at the very least, respect the effort and treasure the moments.  We can find ourselves in heartbreak over an endless number of reasons. 

How do you choose to feel?


Dear Readers:
This web site is simply a work in progress just as with all personal growth. Please help it grow better by  letting me know of any errors you may come across or what I may have left out of interest to you. 


   Cheer people through their strengths, and nurture them through their weaknesses.


There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle ... or the mirror that reflects it."  - Edith Wharton 


  Sharing Thoughts
 By contributing editor Jonelle Reynolds

I suggest the pain is in resisting what is happening. Always remember you are a Mother forever and being a Mother gives you the opportunity to love your children regardless of their reactions right now. That is called unconditional love. Let them know you love them regardless of what they are saying . They need to know your love is constant and you need to know your love is constant.

Delete the need to understand what is happening and accept and listen to your voice of wisdom so you can respond from wisdom and clarity rather than fear and victimization which reacts from pain. Are you writing out your feelings and burning them?

The important thing is to remember we have choices in how to respond. To blame, make excuses, attack, defend, live in the past and future. . .  or we can choose to accept and forgive and live in the present, learning how to experience being love. 

I know no greater gift for the children than to experience a Mother who is forgiving and being present in the now.  That is of benefit to everyone involved.

I suggest reading "The Power of Now,"  John Lee's book on hormones and perhaps seek out one of the many forgiveness studies or projects going on to share stories of forgiveness now.

We have learned a lot about the strength within that can overpower the thought of weakness and victimhood.

The choice is one we all have--- Love bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things. . .  or if allowed, the ego resists all things, judges all things, punishes all things and fears all things.

Honoring the reflection of love that you are.  Jonelle Reynolds


The common thread of  a mothers heartache is  an endless one.   Do you have anything to add to the list?!   

Finish every day and be done with it.  You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.  This day is all that is good and fair. It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on yesterdays.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Angels appreciate things about you that you thought no one else ever even noticed!



Made simply for sharing the contents of a mothers sore and aching heart with other mothers.

Consider this a place where you can open your feelings and clean out some clutter, grief or anger that may be a deep sad heart pain. Or just use it as a place to rest a bit, and to read, to reflect, to share feelings or helpful suggestions in the wonderful healing way that women have of helping each other through difficult times. 

 "Once a mother, always a mother!"  In no time at all the years go by and we are left with our personal measure of joys and sorrows.  There are years we can feel like we have the world in control, and then come the years of learning and learning, and learning. 


During some very difficult times with my own children I've discovered how many thousands and thousands of mothers are also dealing with similar heartaches and confusions. 

Whatever your situation, this may be a good place for you to open your heart, pour out the sadness... pour out the pain, grief, or guilt you may be carrying so you can begin to heal from those things which cannot be changed.  

I am so humbly grateful that my four children are all living happy, productive, successful lives.  The journey from my own childhood to the present has been a long and difficult one.  I treasure all of the angel's who have touched my path with lights for me to try to follow along the way. 

Whatever your heart holds can be healed or eased. 
Love is never lost, for if not returned it flows back to strengthen and purify the soul.

Looking back we sometimes find it easy to blame ourselves for not having done some things differently, but that's like saying, "If only I could have spoken five more languages...then things would have been different!"

We must realize and accept that we did what we knew how to do at that time and that is obviously all we knew to do at that time! 

Wisdom grows from experience for everyone!

Thank you for sharing your stories with me.  Your emails are quite enlightening and truly magnificent in the sense that you have found ways to go on with your lives in spite of those painful broken hearts.


  • What special gift do I bring to the world?

  • What aspect of my life do I need to examine more closely?

  • If I simply followed my heart, what actions would I take?

  • How will I be remembered by my friends and family?

  • What is one of the key factors that will contribute to my happiness?

  • What will enable me to take the next important step in my life?

  • In what way have I underestimated myself?

  • If I could do anything, with no limits, what would I do?

  • What hidden treasure have I yet to find?

  • How or where have I allowed myself the greatest freedom? 

  • Some of us have lost a child (or children).

  • Some of us may have a child who's been abused.

  • Some of us are mothers or have mothers dealing with cancer. Poem by a Mom.

  • Some of us have a child in a difficult circumstance or situation.

  • Some of us have children who are chronically ill or dying  Poem by a Mom.

  • Some of us may have been misunderstood by a child (or children).

  • Some of us may be angry with a child (or children).

  • Some of us may be estranged from a child (or children).

  • Some of us may be the child of a mother we have never understood.

  • Some of us may be the mother of a child we have never understood.

  • Some of us may feel unloved by children that don't appear to care.

  • Some of us are adopted or foster children or are foster or adoptive mothers.

  • Some of us may be suffering abuse from our child (or our children).


The stories in this web site are from women who want to share what has happened to them and find ways to cope with their anguish.  Take heart... because more than many of these women have gone on to flourish, and grow because they learned to deal with it.

Here you can leave your stories to share, vent, or lament, and then hear others, heal and rejoice!

So be sure to leave your special message because you never know who might need to hear exactly the one you're sharing!


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